Betting Bonuses FAQ

Do I need to wager free bets?

No there is neither need nor requirement. The free bet amount is simply deducted from the total winnings. After the calculation of the bet, the winnings themselves are available for immediate withdrawal.

Can I receive welcome bonuses multiple times?

No. This type of bonus is issued once for each client. The registration of multiple accounts in order to receive the same bonus several times is strictly prohibited.

Why am I not getting a welcome bonus, although I have fulfilled all of the conditions of the bookmaker where I registered and even made my first deposit?

It is possible that the promotion included a bonus code that had to be entered during registration and you did not do so.

Can I get a bonus without entering a promo code?

Yes you can. Many promotions by online bookmakers do not use promo codes and do not require entering them when registering an account or making the first deposit.

Why am I not getting my free bet after I made my first deposit?

Placing the first qualifying bet is often a condition for receiving a free bet (more information about qualifying bets - here).

The most likely reason is that you did not place your first qualifying bet.

Why can't I immediately withdraw the accrued bonus from my account?

Withdrawing accrued bonuses immediately after they are credited is not an option you will find in any betting site registration offer. Bonuses always require wagering.

In keeping with the terms of the bookmaker, I won back the $50 bonus 5 times with $250 in winning bets, but I still cannot withdraw the bonus money. What is the reason for that?

Check the wagering requirements carefully, as players sometimes do not notice that the wagering requirement includes not only one bonus amount, but the total amount (bonus + deposit). This may be an amount that is 2 times larger ($250 + $250), which must be wagered in order to withdraw the bonus money.

I have wagered the bonus amount the required number of times, but I cannot withdraw it from my account. What is the reason?

The reason may be in your non-compliance with the terms of bets with a coefficient not lower than that specified by the bookmaker. For example, you could not clear the bonus in bets with odds of 1.4 if the bookmaker had set the minimum odds at 1.5.

The online bookmaker refuses to grant me a bonus due to the exclusion from the invitation offer of my country of residence. Is it legal?

Yes. Many bookmakers restrict the validity of promotions to certain countries. A list of excluded or forbidden territories can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

I registered on a bonus code betting site and made my first deposit 2 months later. Why am I denied the bonus?

After registration in order to retain the right to receive a bonus, the player must, within a limited time, make his first deposit to the player account. Usually this period is about 14 days.

I received a bonus, but I don't want to get rid of it right away. Can I wager the bonus later?

Each bookmaker always sets a deadline for the wagering of bonuses. If it is overdue, the bonus amount will be canceled. Most often, this period does not exceed 1-2 months.

I signed up using the invite link and made a deposit from a Skrill e-wallet, but I am not receiving a bonus. Why?

In some cases, bookmakers may exclude certain deposit methods from their offers. Or vice-versa, they should indicate with which payment system you need to make a deposit in order to receive a bonus.

Are there any no deposit bonuses for sports betting? I can't find any on any of the betting sites.

There are. However in the modern world this type of promotion is rarely used by bookmakers. If any betting company has such bonuses, you can find them here.

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Updated in April 2024