USA Betting Sites

US Betting Sites

To speak about online betting in the USA, then we see a rather dismal picture here.

Of course, there is a definite relaxation in the prohibition policies in several states, and there are even special gaming zones, such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

However, the overall situation in the country still isn't properly regulated.

In regard to the legislative ban on Sportsbook activity in the country, sports betting fans are quite limited in their selection and are forced to search for suitable Betting Sites.

The list of these websites for the US is not as long as many would like. On the other hand, they are often specialized Sportsbooks, operating specifically for the American market. This means that their primary focus is purely on popular American sports.

Parimatch is the world's top betting site that accepts US players.

You can find the full list of these Betting Sites on this page.

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Most Visited USA Betting Sites
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Most Popular Betting Markets
  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Tennis
  • UFC, MMA
  • Soccer
  • Popular payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, MoneyGram, Money Order, Western Union, Bitcoin
  • Currency: $ (US Dollar / USD)

Top 10 USA Betting Sites

(Rank in Country | Percent of US Visitors)

 Bovada Betting Site

1. Bovada

Rank in Country: 197

Percent of Visitors: 98.79%


BetOnline Betting Site

2. BetOnline

Rank in Country: 583

Percent of Visitors: 94.40%


BetUS Betting Site

3. BetUS

Rank in Country: 799

Percent of Visitors: 95.18%

SportsBetting  Site

4. SportsBetting

Rank in Country: 1,052

Percent of Visitors: 96.35%

Bookmaker eu Betting Site

5. Bookmaker

Rank in Country: 8,515

Percent of Visitors: 93.76%


Intertops Betting Site

6. Intertops

Rank in Country: 11,808

Percent of Visitors: 66.49%


Betnow Sports Betting Site

7. Betnow

Rank in Country: 18,761

Percent of Visitors: 95.44%

YouWager Betting Site

8. YouWager

Rank in Country: 20,139

Percent of Visitors: 79.53%

Betanysports Betting Site

9. Betanysports

Rank in Country: 27,129

Percent of Visitors: 93.89%

BetDSI Betting Site

10. BetDSI

Rank in Country: 33,507

Percent of Visitors: 94.42%

Heritage Sports Betting Site

11. Heritage Sports

Rank in Country: 37,324

Percent of Visitors: 98.94%

Parimatch Betting Site

12. Parimatch

Rank in Country: 54,853

Percent of Visitors: 1.68%


WagerWeb Betting Site

13. WagerWeb

Rank in Country: 81,265

Percent of Visitors: 97.71%

JazzSports Betting Site

14. JazzSports

Rank in Country: 129,486

Percent of Visitors: 92.85%

Marathonbet Betting Site

15. Marathonbet

Rank in Country: 270,660

Percent of Visitors: 4.00%


GalaxySports Betting Site

16. GalaxySports

Rank in Country: 404,714

Percent of Visitors: 96.1%

5Dimes Betting Site

17. 5Dimes

Rank in Country: 671,145

Percent of Visitors: 9.67%


Best Betting Sites USA

#117 : Global Ranking

Bovada Betting Site: Top 50

Bonus: $250

Promo code: -

#76: Global Ranking

BetOnline Betting Site: Top 50

Bonus: $1,000

Promo code: -

#101: Global Ranking

Intertops Betting Site: Top 50

Bonus: $200

Promo code: -

Is online Sports Betting legal in the USA?

Sports Betting in the United States

To better understand the situation, a few explanations on this topic are in order.

1. Accountability of US Gamblers:

- Gamblers may freely place bets on sports with offshore online sportsbooks, as they cannot legally be held responsible for such actions.
- There is not a single incidence of prosecuting gamblers for placing bets online.

2. Accountability of Betting Companies:

- In some cases, the authorities of a country try to hinder the business of betting sites that accept gamblers from that government's territory.
- Nevertheless, there are a number of offshore companies that operate legally under licenses in their jurisdictions. They have been taking bets and paying out winnings to gamblers from the United States for decades.

How many locals participate in Sports Betting?

US Gamblers

Bans are in place, but US gamblers continue to find loopholes and niches to satisfy their sports betting needs.
According to unofficial data, up to nearly 30 million Americans make bets with offshore online sportsbooks. For all we know, this figure may actually be even larger.

Which kinds of Sports Betting are popular in the USA?

Popular Bets in United States

The primary US sports betting markets have are and have always been for American Football, Basketball and Baseball.

With this context, a curious fact should be noted.
For the last several years, local gamblers have been searching for the phrase, "online soccer betting in the USA".
And this is quite telling.
First and foremost, it says that football's (or in this case, "soccer's") influence as a sport and as a type of betting is expanding, even to those countries where it had recently been considered dead last.

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