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Poland is located in Central Europe and has a population of 38 million inhabitants.
Sports are well-developed and popular in the country and due to this Polish athletes have achieved successes in many different types of sports.

Gambling laws in the country allow local residents to engage exclusively in sports betting while at the same time bets can be placed both at land-based Polish bookmakers and on betting sites possess local operating licenses.

There are more than a dozen Polish bookmakers in the country with a local national license.

Under Polish law all international betting sites must also obtain a local license and operate a betting site under the national (.pl) internet domain.

Bookmakers and Betting Sites in Poland

Bookmakers and Betting Sites in Poland

To date there have not been many foreign online bookmakers who have entered the Polish market.
However three noteworthy companies, Betclic (.pl), GGbet (.pl) and LVbet (.pl) can be mentioned.
World-famous bookmaker Betclic (.pl) sees 1.3 million and more Polish players on its website every month.
A lesser-known but popular company, GGbet (.pl) has more modest numbers, with about 300 to 500 thousand bettors from Poland visiting its website every month.

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Most Popular Betting Markets
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • Popular payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, ecoPayz, paysafecard, blik, Przelew24, Rapid.
  • Currency: € (Euro / EUR)

Top 10 Polish Betting Sites

(Monthly Polish Visitors | Percent of Polish Visitors)

 Betclic Polish Betting Site

1. Betclic Poland

Monthly Visitors: 1,286,426

Percent of Visitors: 99.13%


GGbet Betting Site

2. GGbet Poland

Monthly Visitors: 507,247

Percent of Visitors: 99.73%


 LVbet Polish Betting Site

3. LVbet Poland

Monthly Visitors: 470,809

Percent of Visitors: 97.11%


BCgame Betting Site

4. BCgame

Monthly Visitors: 108,284

Percent of Visitors: 2.68%

20Bet Betting Site

5. 20Bet

Monthly Visitors: 77,871

Percent of Visitors: 4.69%


Cloudbet  Betting Site

6. Cloudbet

Monthly Visitors: 27,314

Percent of Visitors: 7.09%


22Bet Betting Site

7. 22Bet

Monthly Visitors: 18,240

Percent of Visitors: 1.57%


888Starz Betting Site

8. 888Starz

Monthly Visitors: 12,652

Percent of Visitors: 38.92%

 Betsson  Betting Site

9. Betsson

Monthly Visitors: 3,603

Percent of Visitors: 0.09%


Betsafe  Betting Site

10. Betsafe

Monthly Visitors: 3,550

Percent of Visitors: 1.15%


Is gambling legal in Poland?
Is Gambling Legal in Poland?

In Poland the gambling market is allowed to operate by the state but only in the area of sports betting and it does not matter whether bets are places online on betting sites or they are placed at land-based bookmakers.

All other types of gambling (casinos, poker and the like) are strictly prohibited by the state.

How many Poles are involved in sports betting?
Poland Bettors

Poland has been the birthplace of many outstanding athletes and is noteworthy with regard to the high level of activity of the local residents in the sports betting market.

Figures show that between 5 and 8 million Poles bet on sports every month.

What sports are popular for betting in Poland?

We have already mentioned more than once that residents of European countries most often bet on football and the Poles also place the majority of their bets on football matches, including both on games in the Polish National League and the leagues of the top football countries in Europe.

Other sports which are also very popular for placing bets in Poland are; tennis, handball, volleyball and rugby.