Bookmakers with high odds on favorite

    Sporting bets on favorites are the most popular type of betting with bookmakers.
    The overwhelming majority of bettors will always bet on the superior team, which bookmakers then determine as the favorite in a particular match.
    The odds on favorite are usually low, which affirms the high probability of winning the bet. Any gambler always wants to find the most favorable odds on the victory of a stronger team.
    In these cases, a low bookmaker’s margin will not always provide the highest odds on favorite.
    There are some bookies that, even without a low margin, offer odds on favorite that are higher than those of the low margin companies. You can find these bookies on this this page.

Best bookmakers odds on favorite

Bookmaker William Hill

1. William Hill

Year established: 1934

Action line: 6199

Betting markets: 29


Bookmaker Marathonbet

2. Marathonbet

Year established: 1997

Action line: 704

Betting markets: 35


Bookmaker Pinnaclesports

3. Pinnaclesports

Year established: 1998

Action line: 15

Betting markets: 39

Top 10 Bookmakers
Updated in May 2017


Bookmaker William Hill website

William Hill

Year established: 1934
Customers: > 2 million
Betting margin: 3,5
Action line: 6 199
Live streaming: yes
Bonuses: £20


Bet365 website


Year established: 1974
Customers: > 22 million
Betting margin: 5,9
Action line: 3 788
Live streaming: yes
Bonuses: €50


Spotsbook Unibet website


Year established: 1997
Customers: > 14 million
Betting margin: 3,9
Action line: 854
Live streaming: yes
Bonuses: £30


Bookmaker Pari-Match website


Year established: 1994
Customers: > 1 million
Betting margin: 5,0
Action line: 838
Live streaming: yes
Bonuses: -