Betting Sites in Finland

Betting Sites in Finland

Among the Scandinavian countries Finland is relatively small with a population of only 5.5 million people. The country possesses a stable economy and a high standard of living.

Despite the fact that it is a cold northern country, the population has always shown a high level of interest in entertainment and competitive sports and games, meaning that Finland is very fertile ground for the development and the successful advancement and overall prosperity of bookmakers and the betting industry.

The Finns love gambling and spend a significant amount of time using Finnish Betting Sites.

Betting Sites and Bookmakers in Finland

Bookmakers and Betting Sites in Finland

The lion's share of Finns’ sports betting is not carried out on local sites but rather on the international betting platforms of well-known global brands. The reasons for this are quite understandable as foreign online bookmakers offer far better and more competitive odds for betting and the quality and number of the tools that large international betting sites make available for professional betting at are much higher.

Examples of such betting sites are NordicBet, MrGreen, LVbet and Betsson, which are visited by up to 1 million Finnish players every month.

To date the Finnish government has been tolerant of this situation and foreign sites have not been blocked nor have Finnish players been subjected to suffering legal liability.

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Most Popular Betting Markets
  • Ice Hockey
  • Football
  • Pesäpallo
  • Snowboard
  • Skiing
  • Curling
  • Popular payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, EcoPayz, Trustly.
  • Currency: € (Euro / EUR)

Top 10 Finnish Betting Sites

(Monthly Finnish Visitors | Percent of Finnish Visitors)

NordicBet Norwegian Betting Site

1. NordicBet

Monthly Visitors: 146,421

Percent of Visitors: 54.46%

LVbet Finnish Betting Site

2. LVbet

Monthly Visitors: 102,844

Percent of Visitors: 5.67%


 Betsson Finnish Betting Site

3. Betsson

Monthly Visitors: 97,553

Percent of Visitors: 1.23%


MrGreen Finnish Betting Site

4. MrGreen

Monthly Visitors: 94,114

Percent of Visitors: 14.09%

Pinnacle Finnish Betting Site

5. Pinnacle

Monthly Visitors: 63,242

Percent of Visitors: 3.83%


Tonybet Latvian Betting Site

6. Tonybet

Monthly Visitors: 49,644

Percent of Visitors: 2.26%


 Bet-at-Home Finnish Betting Site

7. Bet-at-Home

Monthly Visitors: 25,247

Percent of Visitors: 3.60%


Betway Finnish Betting Site

8. Betway

Monthly Visitors: 22,769

Percent of Visitors: 0.50%


Betsafe Finnish Betting Site

9. Betsafe

Monthly Visitors: 15,671

Percent of Visitors: 0.87%


Fezbet Finnish Betting Site

10. Fezbet

Monthly Visitors: 15,221

Percent of Visitors: 5.39%

Vbet Finnish Betting Site

11. Vbet

Monthly Visitors: 4,336

Percent of Visitors: 2,46%


Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Finland?

Is Sports Betting Legal in Finland?

The gambling industry inside the country operates according to the rules and regulations established by the state and all bookmakers are required to operate only under local license regimes.

This is also true for online betting sites operating within Finland with all of them being required to obtain a local license in order to operate under the national (.fi) domain.

However Finns are not prohibited from betting on international betting sites that have international licenses.

How many Finns bet on sports?
Finnish Gamblers

It is estimated that between 1 and 1.5 million Finnish adult bettors place bets on sports at land-based bookmakers or on betting sites.
Finnish gamblers are visitors to almost all biggest international betting sites.

Which kinds of sports betting are popular in Finland?

Ice Hockey is traditionally a very popular sport in Finland and is in the sport of hockey that the Suomi national team has repeatedly achieved some of the highest results in tournaments around the world.

As for other sports football shares the same level of interest as hockey in Finland and Finnish baseball, called Pesäpallo, is also of great interest to the local populations of the country and is therefore well suited for the advancement of betting practices.

Of course being a northern country it is only natural that Finns also like to bet on winter sports, something which is well developed in the country.
Among popular winter sports are: snowboarding, skiing, curling, and others.

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