Bookmakers with Low Margins (High Odds)

Online Bookmakers with Low Margins

Generally speaking, the bookmaker's margin is the percentage (%) of profits from each gambler's bet.

On average, the margin size ranges from 1.5% to 8%.

As a rule, the higher the odds on equal chances offered by the bookie, the lower his income is from that bet.

Bookmakers with low margins usually attract punters who make a larger number of bets every month.

After all, for these gamblers, the odds are very important, even if the value is only a few hundredths of a point higher.

Long term, when hundreds of bets are already placed, even this slight advantage in odds will have an effect. With this advantage, the gambler will be able to maintain and increase their initial deposit with ease.


However, it must be remembered that the bookmaker's low margin will not always give the highest odds you may need for the specific sporting event that you choose for your bet.

In order to find the best odds and the ones that suit you, you will need to search for them, this includes among bookmakers offering high odds for winning favorites.

Updated in June 2024 June 2024

Top 20 Bookmakers: Low Betting Margin (Football/Soccer)

Bookmaker 1xBet

1. 1xBet

Betting Margin: 1.51%


Bookmaker MegaPari

2. MegaPari

Betting Margin: 1.51%


Bookmaker Helabet

3. Helabet

Betting Margin: 1.51

Bookmaker 888Starz

4. 888Starz

Betting Margin: 1.51

Bookmaker Coinplay

5. Coinplay

Betting Margin: 1.51%

Bookmaker PariPulse

6. PariPulse

Betting Margin: 1.51%

Bookmaker WinWinBet

7. WinWinBet

Betting Margin: 1.51%

Bookmaker VBet

8. VBet

Betting Margin: 2.44% (Boosted Odds)


Bookmaker Mostbet

9. Mostbet

Betting Margin: 3.46%


Betting Exchange Matchbook

10. Matchbook

Betting Margin: 3.49% (commission included)


Bookmaker Bettogoal

11. Bettogoal

Betting Margin: 3.50% (Boosted Odds)

Bookmaker Leon

12. Leon

Betting Margin: 3.67% (0% Margin)


Bookmaker Parimatch

13. Parimatch

Betting Margin: 3.79%


Bookmaker Marathonbet

14. Marathonbet

Betting Margin: 4.14%


Bookmaker GGbet

15. GGbet

Betting Margin: 4.16%


Bookmaker Dexterbet

16. Dexterbet

Betting Margin: 4.36% (Odds Booster)

Bookmaker Dafabet

17. Dafabet

Betting Margin: 4.55%


Bookmaker Betonline

18. Betonline

Betting Margin: 4.67% (Odds Boosters)


Bookmaker Sportsbetting

19. Sportsbetting

Betting Margin: 4.67% (Odds Boosters)

Bookmaker BetAndYou

20. BetAndYou

Betting Margin: 4.89%


Bookmaker Cloudbet

21. Cloudbet

Betting Margin: 5.17%


Bookmaker Betsson

22. Betsson

Betting Margin: 5.38% (Price Boost)


Bookmaker Betsafe

23. Betsafe

Betting Margin: 5.38% (Price Boost)


Bookmaker Nordicbet

24. Nordicbet

Betting Margin: 5.38% (Price Boost)