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The Netherlands is a highly developed European country of liberal morals, with one of the highest population densities.

The Dutch are permitted much of what is banned in other European countries. Surprisingly, the Netherlands Sports Betting market was not regulated by law for a long time and had been banned.

In 2017, however, the ban was lifted. It was a true breakthrough, as it opened up broad prospects for Dutch bettors.

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Most Popular Betting Markets
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Field Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • MMA, UFC
  • Horse Racing
  • Popular payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller
  • Currency: € (Euro / EUR)

Top 10 Dutch Betting Sites

(Monthly Dutch Visitors | Percent of Dutch Visitors)

Bet365 Betting Site

1. Bet365 (NL)

Monthly Visitors: 1,800,409

Percent of Visitors: 89.74%


1xBit Betting Site

2. 1xBit

Monthly Visitors: 32,888

Percent of Visitors: 6.52%


Cloudbet Betting Site

3. Cloudbet

Monthly Visitors: 28,532

Percent of Visitors: 4.03%


22Bet Betting Site

4. 22Bet

Monthly Visitors: 27,408

Percent of Visitors: 1.05%


BetOnline Betting Site

5. BetOnline

Monthly Visitors: 17,467

Percent of Visitors: 0.17%


BetWinner Betting Site

6. BetWinner

Monthly Visitors: 10,133

Percent of Visitors: 2.29%


EveryGame Betting Site

7. EveryGame

Monthly Visitors: 9,100

Percent of Visitors: 1.59%


Betnow Sports Betting Site

8. Betnow

Monthly Visitors: -

Percent of Visitors: -

Bookmakers and Betting Sites in the Netherlands
Sports Betting and Bookmakers in Netherlands

With the advent of the 2017 law regulating the online betting market, betting sites in the Netherlands are any online foreign operators that comply with the law's most basic requirement - no site interface in the Dutch language.
Dutch gamblers are allowed to bet online on betting sites and their winnings are non-taxable.
This has opened up a wide field for Dutch residents when choosing the best betting sites, and they had quite the selection.
Recognizable brands, such as Bet365, Cloudbet have become popular here.
Below we offer a complete list of the betting sites that, in our opinion, are most suitable for gamblers from the Netherlands and have the most comprehensive set of professional indicators for full online sports betting.

How many locals participate in Sports Betting?
Dutch Gamblers

The Netherlands is in 6th place in Europe by the locals' level of engagement in gambling entertainment.

At least 40% of the country's residents actively visit gambling establishments and betting sites.

Which kinds of sports betting are popular in the Netherlands?
Popular Bets in Netherlands

Football betting is the hands-down winner, but the Dutch also bet on other sports: field hockey, volleyball, MMA and UFC. They enjoy Horse Racing as well.