Betting Sites in Austria

Betting Sites Austria

With an overall population of less than 10 million inhabitants, Austria is in fact a relatively small central European country. Contrary to the widespread public belief that Austrians prefer exclusively winter sports, it is important to underline that they also have a high interest in football.

Despite the country's small population active types of sports serve to stimulate a large percentage of Austrians' interest in sports betting. Online betting is very popular in Austria due to the fact that there are a high number of Austrian betting sites offering their services to local bettors. However overall, only a few large international operators can boast of a solid number of clients from Austria.

Bookmakers and Betting Sites in Austria

Bookmakers and Betting Sites in Austria

Data has shown that the majority of Austrian bettors prefer to bet on the Bet365 website which is the world's largest bookmaker.

Other sites which are perhaps less popular, but which are also in demand, are such brand names as Bet-at-Home, 20Bet, Tonybet and Betway .

The volume of monthly players visiting the Bet365 betting site from Austria regularly reaches a level of approximately 1.1 million customers.

The reason for the popularity of international betting sites in Austria is understandable and largely due to the fact that the local Austrian bookmakers are much more inferior to world-famous bookmakers in regarding to such criteria as: odds, bonuses, site functionality and much more.

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Most Popular Betting Markets
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
  • Ski Jumping
  • Bobsleigh
  • Popular payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Neteller, PayPal, Sofort, paysafecard.
  • Currency: € (Euro / EUR)

Top 10 Austrian Betting Sites

(Monthly Austrian Visitors | Percent of Austrian Visitors)

 Bet365  Betting Site

1. Bet365

Monthly Visitors: 1,146,992

Percent of Visitors: 1.40%


 Bet-at-Home  Betting Site

2. Bet-at-Home

Monthly Visitors: 497,896

Percent of Visitors: 77.94%


MrGreen Betting Site

3. MrGreen

Monthly Visitors: 88,685

Percent of Visitors: 10.62%

20Bet Betting Site

4. 20Bet

Monthly Visitors: 66,328

Percent of Visitors: 4.16%


1xBit Betting Site

5. 1xBit

Monthly Visitors: 25,163

Percent of Visitors: 10.18%


Betway Austrian Betting Site

6. Betway

Monthly Visitors: 14,094

Percent of Visitors: 0.42%


Vave Betting Site

7. Vave

Monthly Visitors: 10,219

Percent of Visitors: 2.04%

 William Hill Austrian Betting Site

8. William Hill

Monthly Visitors: 5,689

Percent of Visitors: 0.10%


GGbet Betting Site

9. GGbet

Monthly Visitors: 5,243

Percent of Visitors: 1.00%


Powbet Betting Site

10. Powbet

Monthly Visitors: 2,239

Percent of Visitors: 9.61%

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Austria?

Is Sports Betting Legal in Austria?

State regulations controlling the gambling industry in Austria are in the process of undergoing reforms and development. However on the territory of the country there are local bookmakers and it is also possible to place bets on international betting sites.

The absence of requirements to obtain local licenses serves to provide no hindrance to the activities of international betting websites and thus does not hinder their activities. Due to this fact Austrians are more than happy to take advantage of the opportunity and widely use such world-famous betting companies as Bet365, Bet-at-Home, Betway, and William Hill to place their bets.

How many Austrians bet on sports?
Austrian Gamblers

Statistics show that there is a rather high level of interest by Austrian residents in bookmakers and sports betting on the Internet.

At least 20-25% of adult local residents regularly visit betting sites.

Which kinds of sports betting are popular in Austria?

It is obvious that football attracts the highest level of attention in Austria, with betting on football being more popular than betting on other sports.
However, percentage-wise, a little lower in the level of popularity, there are many ways you can bet on most winter sports, such as snowboarding, skiing, ski jumping, bobsleigh and even the luge.