Betting Exchanges

Here you will find online betting exchanges. The difference between these exchanges and traditional bookmakers is that bettors place bets against each other rather than play against the bookmaker.
The primary advantage of these companies is that the betting exchange is not interested in their players losing!
The exchange only charges a small percentage (1-5%) on each win.
Another advantage of the exchange are the high odds.
Many professional bettors prefer to place bets here.

Best Betting Exchanges

Bookmaker Matchbook

1. Matchbook

Comission: 0.75-1.5% on each bet

Action Line: 276

Betting Markets: 19


Betting Exchange Betfair

2. Betfair

Comission: 5% on win

Action Line: 1165

Betting Markets: 35


Bookmaker Betdaq

3. Betdaq

Comission: 3% on win

Action Line: 156

Betting Markets: 17


Bookmaker Smarkets

4. Smarkets

Comission: 2% on win

Action Line: 69

Betting Markets: 11