Sweden Betting Sites

Sweden Betting Sites

The country of Sweden has almost 11 million inhabitants making it the largest country in the Scandinavian region.

The standard of living of the citizens of the country has always been at a relatively high level, something which has had a favorable effect on the overall public level of interest in sports betting in Sweden.

The overall cold climate which never sees high temperatures has never been an obstacle for the growth of a widespread passion for gambling among Swedes, including making bets through Swedish bookmakers.

Bookmakers and Betting Sites in Sweden

Bookmakers and Betting Sites in Sweden

Without focusing strictly on national bookmakers, there are several main betting sites which the bettors in Sweden focus on and today it is these particular online bookmakers which service the majority of Swedish bettors consisting of those who prefer to bet on the Internet.

These popular bookmakers are those of the giant international betting companies Bet365 and Betsson and along with them the well-known Betway which operates under the national domain .se.

Just one of the largest international licensed online bookmakers, Bet365, has at least 0.7 to 2.5 million visits per month to its site from the territory of Sweden!

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Most Popular Betting Markets
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Popular payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, EcoPayz, Trustly.
  • Currency: (Swedish Krone / SEK)

Top 10 Swedish Betting Sites

(Monthly Swedish Visitors | Percent of Swedish Visitors)

 Bet365  Betting Site

1. Bet365


Monthly Visitors: 1,089,642

Percent of Visitors: 1.33%


 Betsson  Betting Site

2. Betsson


Monthly Visitors: 194,234

Percent of Visitors: 4.73%


22Bet Betting Site

3. 22Bet


Monthly Visitors: 51,488

Percent of Visitors: 3.83%


NordicBet Norwegian Betting Site

4. NordicBet


Monthly Visitors: 43,073

Percent of Visitors: 16.13%

GGbet Betting Site

5. GGbet


Monthly Visitors: 35,130

Percent of Visitors: 6.70%


Betsafe Swedish Betting Site

6. Betsafe


Monthly Visitors: 31,603

Percent of Visitors: 1.19%


Betway Swedish Betting Site

7. Betway Sweden


Monthly Visitors: 27,851

Percent of Visitors: 91.46%


20Bet Betting Site

8. 20Bet


Monthly Visitors: 14,988

Percent of Visitors: 0.94%


MrGreen Betting Site

9. MrGreen


Monthly Visitors: 10,021

Percent of Visitors: 1.20%

 William Hill Swedish Betting Site

10. William Hill Sweden


Monthly Visitors: 7,604

Percent of Visitors: 97.94%


Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Sweden?

Is Sports Betting Legal in Sweden?

Since the year 2019 until the present, the Swedish gambling market has been completely regulated and controlled by the state.
In this regard strict advertising restrictions have been introduced in the country, as well as strict controls which regulate bonus policies.

In Sweden, all bookmakers wishing to operate in the country must first obtain a national license in order to carry out their activities.
Currently the number of such issued licenses is quickly approaching 90 and this is in fact a very high figure.

However, the Swedes still have the opportunity to bet on betting sites outside of Sweden that have an international license.

How many Swedes bet on sports?
Swedish Gamblers

An analysis of the statistical data suggests that at least 25% of adult Swedes have in the past made and continue to make monthly sports bets using bookmakers and online betting sites.

Which kinds of sports betting are popular in Sweden?

It is not at all something alien or uncommon for the Scandinavian country to have football betting as the priority with regard to betting in general.

In Sweden, they love football and are today attempting to develop their national football with all their might.

Hence it is due to this factor that the country has seen an increased interest in betting on this sport.

Due to the fact that many of the hopes of the Swedes when engaging in sports betting are associated with the participation of their national hockey team competing in the World Championships, hockey deservedly occupies second place.

However it is also popular for people to bet on tennis, basketball and even golf.