Largest Online Bookmakers

Biggest Bookmakers

A bookmaker having a large number of customers certainly suggests that the company is reliable and offers high quality services. If it were otherwise, it would not have been able to attract so many customers.

Bookmakers with more than 10 million customers are the most popular platforms for betting on sports.

Their names are generally recognized around the world.

These companies can surely be recommended for betting, to both novice and professional bettors.

In 2022, the largest bookmakers not only had a large number of clients, but also own websites that allow bettors from all over the world to participate regardless of their physical location and place their bets on sports in a fully online regime.

To truly understand just how large a betting company really is, you need to add up all of its main offline and online indicators and only then can you obtain a truly objective result.

The main indicators that were taken into account to evaluate the biggest bookmakers:
  • The total number of clients of the bookie
  • Average number of monthly internet visitors to the betting site
  • The number of betting shops
Updated in May 2022 May 2022

Biggest Bookmakers in 2022

 Bet365  Website

1. Bet365

Customers: 63,000,000

Monthly Visitors: 87,412,574

Betting Shops:


Parimatch Website

2. Parimatch

Customers: 15,500,000

Monthly Visitors: 7,478,718

Betting Shops: 450


Betway Website

3. Betway

Customers: 14,500,000

Monthly Visitors: 10,944,689

Betting Shops:


 Unibet  Website

4. Unibet

Customers: 14,000,000

Monthly Visitors: 6,334,227

Betting Shops:


 1xBet  Website

5. 1xBet

Customers: 8,000,000

Monthly Visitors: 4,948,211

Betting Shops:


William Hill  Website

6. William Hill

Customers: 7,000,000

Monthly Visitors: 2,985,026

Betting Shops: 2,270


 Betsson  Website

7. Betsson

Customers: 6,500,000

Monthly Visitors: 4,877,887

Betting Shops:


Bwin Website

8. Bwin

Customers: 6,000,000

Monthly Visitors: 2,094,413

Betting Shops:


 Betfair  Website

9. Betfair

Customers: 5,000,000

Monthly Visitors: 2,826,225

Betting Shops:


Paddy Power  Website

10. Paddy Power

Customers: 5,000,000

Monthly Visitors: 2,381,527

Betting Shops: 590


 Betfred  Website

11. Betfred

Customers: 3,000,000

Monthly Visitors: 1,639,475

Betting Shops: 1,630


 22Bet  Website

12. 22Bet

Customers: 2,500,000

Monthly Visitors: 2,906,923

Betting Shops:


 Vbet  Website

13. Vbet

Customers: 2,000,000

Monthly Visitors: 2,151,823

Betting Shops: 810


Sportingbet Website

14. Sportingbet

Customers: 2,000,000

Monthly Visitors: 1,409,231

Betting Shops: