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Brazil is by far the largest country in South America, taking up almost half of the territory of the continent. In terms of its total population, Brazil also ranks first in South America and in fact is the most populated country in all of the Latin American World (217 million inhabitants).
Sports betting is a very popular activity in Brazil. The reason for this being the fact that the local populations are highly involved in football and football is an active part of their lives, one could even say that the country lives for football. The people actively support their national team and local clubs and at the same time make bets using Brazilian betting sites.

Betting Sites and Bookmakers in Brazil

Bookmakers and Betting Sites in Brazil

Not surprisingly, the population of the country, where football is as popular and well-developed as it is in Brazil, spends a large amount of time on sports betting sites.
Open source statistics show that many of the largest betting sites handle the lion's share of Brazilian sports betting customers and are in no way going to turn them down, despite the fact that sports betting transactions originating in Latin America do not bring bookmakers the high level of income as do bets originating in Europe.
One good example of the high level of traffic coming from Brazil is the Bet365 Brazil website which is visited by more than 26 million Brazilian bettors every month!

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Most Popular Betting Markets
  • Football
  • Beach Football
  • Mini Football
  • Futsal
  • Volleyball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Popular payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Boleto, Skrill, Neteller, WebPay, AstroPay, Pago Efectivo
  • Currency: R$ (Brazilian Real / BRL)

Top 10 Brazilian Betting Sites

(Monthly Brazilian Visitors | Percent of Brazilian Visitors)

 Bet365 Betting Site

1. Bet365

Monthly Visitors: 26,322,500

Percent of Visitors: 32.79%


Betano Brazil Betting Site

2. Betano Brazil

Monthly Visitors: 17,493,495

Percent of Visitors: 91.11%

 1xBet Betting Site

3. 1xBet

Monthly Visitors: 4,048,069

Percent of Visitors: 16.22%


KTO Betting Site

4. KTO

Monthly Visitors: 2,999,147

Percent of Visitors: 93.57%


Parimatch Betting Site

5. Parimatch

Monthly Visitors: 1,913,685

Percent of Visitors: 58,25%


Rivalo Betting Site

6. Rivalo

Monthly Visitors: 880,077

Percent of Visitors: 93.78% Betting Site


Monthly Visitors: 633,394

Percent of Visitors: 34.75%


 20Bet Betting Site

8. 20Bet

Monthly Visitors: 495,885

Percent of Visitors: 31.17%


 Betsson Betting Site

9. Betsson

Monthly Visitors: 355,214

Percent of Visitors: 8.81%


Rivalo Betting Site

10. Ibet

Monthly Visitors: 275,100

Percent of Visitors: 30.94%

Is Sports Betting Legal in Brazil?

Is Sports Betting Legal in Brazil?

Currently this market is not legally regulated in the country. However on the one hand, there is also no direct ban on sports betting in Brazil but there is the risk that such activities may be declared illegal by a court decision.

That being said, however, there are absolutely no prohibitions against residents of the country placing bets using offshore betting sites. In this regard we are referring to international betting sites that are physically located outside of Brazil and therefore have an offshore jurisdiction.

Therefore due to the absolute legality of offshore gambling online sports betting is widely available in Brazil and absolutely legal though various international betting companies such as Bet365 Brasil, Betano Brazil, Parimatch Brazil, Melbet Brazil, KTO Brazil, 1xBet Brazil, etc.

How many Brazilians bet on sports?
Brazilian Gamblers

The so-called “Southern Temperament” and a widespread passion for football serve as the basis for the huge interest of Brazilians in bookmakers and sports betting.

Approximately a quarter of the entire adult population of Brazil have at one time or another bet on sports or have had a similar experience in the past.

Which kinds of sports betting are popular in Brazil?

Being as football is the national sport of Brazil it is played by up to half of the country's population with many variations of the sport also being popular. Therefore bettors prefer to bet on football, beach football, mini football and futsal. However Brazilians also like to bet on volleyball and its own variant, beach volleyball.