Biggest Free Bets

Welcome Free Bets are the most demanded bonuses among bookmaker clients and if it is also large, this will undoubtedly add to the popularity of such a bookmaker's offer.

It will not be superfluous to remind you that this type of bonus does not need to be wagered, and after a free bet is made by a player, he can without any additional actions, simply withdraw the winnings from his account.

What are Super Free Bets?

Super Free Bets

Unlike regular first deposit bonuses in betting, the usual size of free bets is considered to be in the area of £5 to £40.

Amounts of £50 and more can be confidently classified as Super Free Bets. It doesn't matter if they are £50 or £100.

List of the Biggest Free Bets

Updated in December 2022 December 2022


Free Bets €220

Min Deposit: €5

Min Odds: 1.75

Wagering: 1 x B

Promo code: -

Deposit €5 and get your €11 free bet! Place it right away and redeem your net winnings if it’s a winner. Repeat the process up to 20 times to claim all 20 free bets in this campaign. T&Cs apply.


Free Bet €100

Min Deposit: €10

Min Odds: -

Wagering: 1 x D

Promo code: -

Place your first bet up to €100. As soon as your bet is over, if it is a loser, you receive the amount of your bet in FREEBETS up to € 100. Freebets = non-withdrawable game credits. T&Cs apply.

Why are Free Bets Rarely Large?

Enhanced Odds

Basically, the free bets offered by online bookmakers are small and there is a completely understandable explanation for this.

Namely because such a bonus does not require wagering and if there is no wagering, then the player is likely to receive a win bypassing most of the usual risks, which means that the bookmaker, on the other hand bears a direct financial loss.

This is why betting sites never actually offer very large free bets to their customers.

Where Can You Find the Biggest Free Bets?

Where to look for the biggest free bets?

The biggest free bets are not common but can still be found on some international betting sites.

You will rarely find generous offers from the world's major online bookmakers, but on new betting sites that are just gaining their reputation and authority in the betting market, you can often find the best free bet offers.

It is the new online bookmakers who give good bonuses to new customers at the early stage of their development and you should not be wary or suspicious of this, since this is a completely normal and natural phenomenon.

A company that has just appeared on the market must attract customers by all available legal means, and the bonus policy is often decisive in that regard.

However, keep in mind that even then it will be nearly impossible to find a free bet offer over €100.

Sometimes free bets come as a small additional bonus to the main one, and such bonuses are called combo bonuses.

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