Largest Bookmakers in the United Kingdom

In the traditional sense, a big bookmaker should have a wide network of betting shops and an impressive number of staff.

However, in the modern world, as in the United Kingdom in particular, the online indicators of companies are taken into account more and more often.

Important Indicators:
  • Betting Shops
  • UK Website Trafic
  • Number of Customers

If we use the indicators above as a basis for classification and compare the available open source statistics on betting companies, we will then get the following list of the biggest bookmakers in the UK:

Biggest UK Betting Companies

William Hill  Website

1. William Hill

Betting Shops: 2,270

Customers: 12,500,000 +

Monthly UK Visitors: 6,354,631


 Betfred  Website

2. Betfred

Betting Shops: 1,630

Customers: 9,500,000 +

Monthly UK Visitors: 29,001,294


 Bet365  Website

3. Bet365

Betting Shops: 0

Customers: 90,000,000 +

Monthly UK Visitors: 10,242,817


Paddy Power  Website

4. Paddy Power

Betting Shops: 590

Customers: 5,000,000 +

Monthly UK Visitors: 5,779,141


 Betway  Website

5. Betway

Betting Shops: 0

Customers: 20,000,000 +

Monthly UK Visitors: 1,191,597